5 things to do in New York – SEPTEMBER ✅

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If you have prepared your trip for September in New York we have prepared 5 things to do in September in New York and enjoy.

5 cosas para hacer en septiembre en Nueva York
5 things to do in September in New York

Before traveling to New York in September you have to keep in mind many details among them the temperature, because if you travel from Spain to New York the temperatures can play an important role.

The temperature in New York in the month of September is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, the days are getting shorter and the wind chill in the afternoon is rather cold. By the end of September sunsets are usually between 19:00.

Therefore the clothes that you have to wear on your trip to New York are for the day rather summer clothes and for the evening it is convenient to wear long pants and some long-sleeved sweaters, one or two jackets no matter polar, so the thin jacket has to accompany you.

Also if you are a hiker and want to enjoy New York on foot, you will need to wear comfortable shoes. Remember that during the day in September in New York it may be hot, it will have to be a breathable shoe and as it is said comfortable.

Now that we have more or less everything ready we should take a look to have more information about our visit to New York. Here are 5 things to do in September in New York.


  • Atlantic Antic is the largest festival in the borough of Brooklyn, concerts, activities for the little ones, food stalls and much more of this great festival. If you want to know the history of this great festival we leave you the link for more information. https://atlanticave.org/
  • New York Film Festival if you are a movie fan and even if you are not you should also go to the film festival in the Big Apple. Premieres, conversations with actors, stars and a whole show where you will be involved in a dream come true surrounded by superstars of cinema. Here you can find more information https://www.filmlinc.org/nyff2020/.
  • Festivities of San Gennaro.

The neighborhood of Little Italy in September is amazing and dazzles with its essence in honor of the patron saint of Naples, which is San Gennaro. The celebration that you have to go during your trip to New York in September, is a religious motif, but the more than 10 days with such celebration is highly spectacular, with the streets full of decoration, party, parades and quite a few various stalls, among them we must highlight the Italian food stalls. Here you can find more information about the feast of San Gennaro https://sangennaronyc.org/

  • Tribute to 9/11 and tribute in Light.

The biggest date in the history of New York is and will be 9/11, since it is the anniversary of 9/11 so unfortunate. This day the World Trade Center is filled with tributes to the victims, families, friends with flowers that are deposited in the ponds. At sunset, two large beams of light cross the sky creating the shape of the missing and large Twin Towers, this projection is known as Tribute in Light. If you wish to have more information we leave the link https://www.911memorial.org/visit/memorial/tribute-light

  • American Football. On some occasion and many times we have seen a soccer short film and we have seen that it is shocking and it really is. In September is when the NFL league starts. If you feel like getting into this experience in a game, you will be shocked by the way you will feel during the game. Highly recommended. If you want to get tickets for the Jets or Giants here you can find tickets and give yourself this treat that will be marked in your trip.
Fútbol Americano - Liga NFL
American Football – NFL League

We have finished advising you on 5 things to do in September in New York. There are also many more activities and shows you can do in September and if you are traveling in other months, in future articles we will create a monthly calendar of what to do in New York in different months.

Remember that in some previous articles we have written about what to do in New York, so these 5 things that we have written today can be done without problems in conjunction with other visits. Since you don’t need to spend many hours in some places.

As a reminder, here are the most interesting items that you can add to your September trip to New York.
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