Cave of the Winds

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If you want to have one more experience in your visit to Niagara Falls and you are visiting for a couple of days, today we propose a visit to the Cave of the Winds.

Cueva de los Vientos - Niágara
Cave of the Winds – Niagara

In the article the 5 best tours to Niagara Falls that we published and you can find in this link we suggested you some tours that you could not miss on your visit to Niagara Falls. But as the article says, if your visit is for a couple of days, you should visit every corner.

We are going to talk about the visit to the Cave of the Winds.

Where is the Cave of the Winds

It is a must visit attraction that is located in Niagara on the American side, is a great tourist attraction and of course is a great opportunity to get very close and see the water fall, it is so close that you can almost touch it. The tour is very spectacular and you will feel in first person the force of the water in its fall.

Tour of the cave

The tour in the cave of the winds begins with the experience of an elevator, the elevator descends 50 meters to reach what is the river gorge. Of course before starting the visit you will be in the obligation to protect yourself from the water, otherwise you will end up well over water, the protection consists of a poncho and plastic sandals protected.

Hurricane desk in the cave

You will then walk along a trail on a platform base, which is made of wood and is marked in red. This trail will take you to the best lookout point, which is named Hurricane Desk.

Hurricane Desk is located just a few meters from the water torrent, this torrent belongs to the largest waterfall on the American side named the Bridal Veil Falls. If you want to know the other names of Niagara Falls remember that we have already written an article that you can see in this link:

Sensations in the cave of the winds

When you find yourself and enter the Hurricane Desk viewpoint in the cave of the winds you will feel and you will be involved in the great roar as if it were a tropical storm, the humidity and the force with which the water impacts added to the coolness of the pulverized water will be an unforgettable experience, hence it is a must visit and you can not miss it.

Best time to visit

The Cueva de los Vientos in the colder months that we could say from September or October the visits to the Cueva de los Vientos are usually shorter and it is more likely that you do not get too close to the waterfall, this is to avoid getting too wet. Anyway, the visit to the Cave of the Winds is still one of the most spectacular excursions whatever the date, you will enjoy, you will feel and it will be difficult to forget this great experience to the Cave of the Winds in Niagara.

Hurricane Desk is the lookout point of the Cueva de los Vientos, just 20 feet from the rippling torrents. The impact of the water coupled with the mist forms large rainbows that are often visible day and night.

In the following link you can check schedules and prices:

If you have already visited the Cave of the Winds in Niagara we would like to hear about your experience, tell us what you thought about it.

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