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The state of New York presents great tourist attractions, not only for its modern and luminous capital, but also for its protected environmental spaces, among which we have Goat Island.

It is a small deserted island located between the Niagara Falls, border between Canada and the United States, and has become the favorite natural viewpoint for tourists to enjoy the best panoramic views of the falls.

Its particular name has its origin in the late eighteenth century in the story of the shepherd John Stedman, who by the year 1780 kept a herd of goats grazing in the area, which died after a terrible winter and in honor of them baptized the place as Goat Island.

Highlights of Goat island – Goat island

The location of this island has greatly influenced the quality of forest beauty that can be found in the area. Currently, the island is uninhabited and eroded on its western side by the impact of falling water from the falls.Among its outstanding features, the island has small islets with shallow water and rocks around them. And, in its interior, you find a majestic and exuberant green forest with large trees, a true small lung in the world.

Botanist Frederick L. Olmsted, established that the constant spray of natural water from the Niagara Falls has naturally created a refuge style nursery for indigenous plant life.

To reach the island there are two access bridges, in addition to the multiple hiking trails that you can join, thanks to the diversity of tourist packages in the area.

In this area, the “Tesla monument” has been built in honor of the Serbian-American inventor Nikkola Tesla, which you can visit on Goat Island.

Niagara Falls to Goat Island Tour

If you decided to take some time off or you are on vacation and you are going to visit Niagara Falls, take the opportunity to extend your visit to Goat Island, which is only 2 km away.

Enjoy a clean and refreshing air, thanks to its extensive vegetation and natural viewpoint, where thousands of tourists take their snapshots to leave a mark of a magical trip full of adventures.

In summer is the perfect opportunity to opt for hiking-style tours to Isla de la Cabra and enjoy nature or watch the birds of the season.

You can also watch a variety of butterfly species and its beautiful gardens that welcome you to a place to be thankful for life.

Terrapin Point Overlook – Niagara’s best view

About 1.6 million people come to Niagara Falls State Park annually and an almost mandatory visit is to stop by the Terrapin Point Natural Overlook, located on Goat Island.

In this area you will find an elevator that will take you to the foot of the falls in the Cave of the Winds, where you can take a few minutes to relax and breathe fresh air while contemplating a scenery that renews your energy.

Plan your visit to Goat Island with family and friends

The best way to get the most out of your visit to Niagara is to plan ahead, especially if you are going with family and friends. The adventure starts at the Niagara River and you can ride the ferries all the way to the foot of the falls.

If you are passionate about nature, the walking tours on Goat Island are not to be missed, until you get the most beautiful pictures from the lookout point. Take the opportunity to capture unique images with the vibrant nature, rainbows and natural light that welcome you and take you away from the daily stress of the big cities. Enjoy and learn in depth about the native fauna and flora of the place, as well as its history and transformation to the protected park that it is today.

As a curious fact, it is important to know that the Goat Island with the passage of time and the erosion generated by the power of the water flow from the waterfalls, will undoubtedly end up disappearing completely.

So take advantage of the moment to enjoy its natural beauty, thanks to the fact that nature can provide you with the best place to relax.

Hiking and biking

Among the most popular activities to do on Goat Island are hiking along the many trails surrounded by nature, and cycling, which is great fun for large groups. Both activities will keep you active, as well as being the perfect excuse to get some exercise while having fun along the way.

The Cave of the Winds

A visit to the Cave of the Winds will take you on a 175-foot elevator ride down to the foot of Niagara Falls.
The power of the thundering sound and the breeze of the rushing water is an experience not to be missed.

You begin to feel the energy in this place as soon as you walk along the wooden walkways into the cave.
There you get to transfer a special vibration in the videos and photographs you take from a different angle, and this time capturing the magic of Niagara Falls from the bottom to the top.

Once at the base of the falls, you will follow a series of stairs to what they call the hurricane deck.
This is an observation deck located just 20 feet above the waterfall’s “bridal veil” waterfall, a place that will give you beautiful snapshots.

You will also be able to observe small streams flowing at the base of the viewpoint, to complete the perfect scenery. Organize the best vacation of your life and enjoy the best that nature has to offer at Goat Island.

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