New York in 5 days

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New York in 5 days, time to pack, we have chosen New York as our destination, now we start looking online and we are going crazy because in New York in 5 days we want to see everything.

5 días en Nueva York
5 días en Nueva York

Unfortunately that will be impossible because we will need a lot of time to visit everything, but here we are going to leave some places to visit and leisure to enjoy and come back with a good experience and next time we will travel with the same desire.

Wherever you have chosen to stay, the first thing to focus on is that you have to make that visit, not because it is far away you have to give up, as the best things to do in New York are usually well connected and likely to take less time than you expect.

Central Park

We moved to Manhattan public urban park, this park has a rectangular shape. Central Park is the most visited park in the United States. As you may know, Central Park appears in many movies and TV shows, which is why it is so famous and most visited in New York.
Para sentirte como un buen neoyorquino y disfrutar, aconsejamos alquilar una bicicleta, disfrutarás mucho, ya que podrás ver lagos artificiales, praderas y cascadas y un bosque asombroso. Dentro de dicho parque se encuentra un Zoo y algunas atracciones.

Central Park - Nueva York
Central Park – Nueva York

Top of the Rock en Rockefeller Center

If your neck hurts from looking at the impressive buildings during your trip around New York, it’s time to visit the Top of the Rock, the legendary Rockefeller Center. The breathtaking views, not that it is the only building in New York that will leave you speechless, because you can also visit the Empire State Building, the Edge and the One World.

Choose between these, if your visit is 5 days in New York, take advantage of this trip to see one of them and leave the others for the next trip to New York that you will surely return. The views of Rockefeller Center are 360 degrees, so there is no hidden corner and you can observe the breathtaking views. But don’t neglect that there is plenty to see. In the next articles we will focus on what to do in Rockefeller and you will discover in detail the multitude of things to do.

New York in 5 days
Rockefeller Center – Nueva York

The Statue of Liberty

The first time you travel to New York it is very unusual not to visit the Statue of Liberty. We see it on television, in the press, photography but do not miss to visit her the first time you travel to New York. Visit her up close or you can choose to board the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry is free but has a peculiarity, as it moves away from Manhattan you will have a very cool views of Downtown, and if you want to flip a lot the sunset or dusk when the skyscrapers are illuminated. This ferry does not stop at Liberty Island, but you will see it very close and observe its quality of conservation for the years it has.

Estatua de la Libertad - Nueva York
Statue of Liberty – New York

Niagara Falls Tour –

Yes we can take one day out of our 5 days in New York, it is worth it. Since the fatigue will be well worth it, so much so that you will not have time to think and you will not be sore from the trip. There are scheduled excursions from New York to Niagara Falls and as we say, it is a must and can be done in your 5 days in New York without any inconvenience. Here we leave the information of excursions to Niagara Falls. Visit Niagara Falls.

Cataratas del Niágara - Nueva York
Niagara Falls – New York City

Times Square

I guess there is no need to say or write much about Times Square, because nowadays with the new devices and audiovisual channels we are brought up to date, that does not mean you do not have to go for a walk to Times Square. Giant screens on the facades of buildings showing colorful ads, crowds of people, tourists strolling through every millimeter of the streets and of course the street artists, here in this area no one rests, so you can visit during the day and at night. Remember the famous phrase that says it is the city that never rests… Therefore it is a must visit in one of your New York in 5 days.

Time Square - Nueva York
Time Square – Nueva York

New York in 5 days – Have you been to New York and would you like to go?

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