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Traveling to New York with children does not have to be an impediment if we plan it with time. We have a few days and we want our vacation to be unforgettable.

Traveling to New York with children


To begin with, we have to be clear that traveling to New York is not cheap, but for that reason we are not going to visit it, because we leave you some tips for traveling to New York with children and we can enjoy our vacation without large outlays of money. Here are 4 tips for visiting New York with children.


When we arrive in the big city we would like to visit New York with children from top to bottom, but it would be an impossible mission, we would need a lot of time and money. But with this advice, you will visit the most important and least expensive places. There is a website where you can find all the most important places to visit and you can save a lot of money, it is a card that is a ticket to visit New York with kids.

A lot of attractions gathered in the same card and if you are one of those who have few days to travel to New York with children you should buy it. A perfect plan!Para echarle un vistazo los sitios que incluyen la tarjeta NEW YORK EXPLORE PASS CLICK HERE


We find ourselves with another big inconvenience, because if we go alone, as a couple or with friends, we can find many places to stay and we will not have big problems, because the more adults we are, the more we are conditioned when it comes to sleep, because remember that our goal is to visit New York to know the big city. But when we are going to visit New York with children and looking for accommodation can be an odyssey, we are going to give you some ideas and so it will no longer be an inconvenience.

Lodging in New York with children

You can choose between hotels or apartments, you have a lot to choose from and a lot of varied sites and now yes, we give you some recommendations, in the MIDTOWN EAST you have the OMNI BERKSHIRE PLACE, its location is exemplary because it is very close to Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center and even the Top of the Rock. As a curious fact the son of the hotel manager teenager and concierge, a real guide for your children as an advisor of New York.

Here in the following link you can find more information about the hotel. OMNI HOTEL

Another place we are going to recommend is the Hotel Wales, also located in MIDTOWN EAST and highly recommended for visiting New York with children. The hotel is located in a quiet area Carnegie Hill just one block from Central Park. There are many private schools in the area. The hotel is very close to the Mile Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of the City of New York.

You can find more information at the hotel by clicking HERE.


If you want a neighborhood on your visit to New York with children, Soho is perfect. The hotel itself is set for children, showing works of local and international artists characters. Great variety and all the comfort for children you will find in the hotel, creative games and end the day with milk, kiwi and cookies, board games and art supplies with coloring books.

But that’s not all, if we go up to the rooftop, we will find a swimming pool, pool that is open only during the summer months, but these summer months you can enjoy inside the pool with inflatable toys. If you want a good breakfast or rather the best brunch David Burke Kitchen will offer it to enjoy with children and family.

In the following link you will find all the information, enjoy! THE JAMES HOTELS



We are going to make you several proposals, sure you will love them and you can leave the children amazed. Children always like discoveries, because they are things they do not expect and the amazement will be spectacular, the Discovery Room, show in this great museum, a museum that is designed to be touched. Educational proposals and even an animal skeleton but prehistoric, which is when children come into action to proceed to dig it up and can play paleontologists.

Spectacular museum that you can not miss, best of all that has some free days, it is important to inquire in advance if we want to save some money and proceed to go in advance if we do not want to save hours of queue.

For more information about the museum do not hesitate and enter the following link. DISCOVERY ROOM

Tour Riverside Park by bike, and bike for everyone, dads, moms, kids and the whole family fun to make a day a bike tour and what better way to choose the Riverside Park. One of the many things New York has to offer are its parks. Riverside Park, ideal for cycling, contains play grounds, with thematic names such as Dino or even Hippo. The route of about 6 kilometers is easy and has no major complexity because the views are interesting and the journey will be very easy.

RIVERSIDE PARK – Bike tour with children in New York City

Visiting cultural centers, museums and events, can become a bit monotonous for children, so in our trip to New York with children we have to give them fun and action, and in this case we are going to offer you a recommendation for them to enjoy as much as possible in the visit. And the great slide of Billy Johnson playground in Central Park is a good recommendation.

The slide located in Central Park has a lot to say, either because it is made of large natural materials and these wooden structures are surrounded and managed in small corners of play. The slide is surrounded by stones and plants and when it’s time to go down, some children choose a cardboard to make skating more slippery, an adventure!


We are going to leave the kids with their mouths open, and this wonder of the world will stay with them forever. And yes, from New York you will find all the round trip and with a boat tour of the falls included. The trip is done by bus and has several pick up points in hotels, a lively trip with some stops along the way, leaving at night to be early in the morning and start the tour of Niagara Falls on the American side.

Visiting Niagara Falls from New York City

Visiting this wonderland with children will result in great vacation memories for the little ones and of course the grown-ups!

If you want to get all the information to visit Niagara Falls from New York, click on the following link. VISITING NIAGARA FALLS FROM NEW YORK CITY Niagara Falls Tour

What do you think about these recommendations? We know that there are many options, since the great city of New York is very extensive, but we will be adding to our articles more and diverse options so you can travel to New York with children and enjoy to the fullest.

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