Niagara Adventure Theater

Niagara Adventure Theater

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The Niagara Adventure Theater at Niagara Falls is a must-see if you go as a tourist. Visitors must travel to the theater and will witness the incredible history and anecdotes surrounding Niagara Falls. 

The presentation is approximately 30 minutes and explains the history of the falls. Definitely watch this movie before heading to the other attractions. The movie is well done and was also informative.

Where is the Niagara Adventure Theater located?

The Niagara Adventure Theatre is located on the lower level of the Visitor Center at Niagara Falls State Park in New York. In addition to other activities, a welcome walk and guide for tourists is included.

The Niagara Adventure Theatre has a beautiful setting and is located inside the Visitor Center very close to the waterfalls. On the tour you will visit and explore the Niagara Adventure Theatre.

Visit the theater, see the beauty of Niagara Falls and its historic films. Millions of people have seen this screening, almost every tour group that visits the falls, you will learn in depth how this destination is so unique.

Niagara Adventure Theater features

At the Niagara Adventure Theatre be just a few meters away from Niagara Falls on the U.S. side, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls and visit world famous attractions in the park.

The theater is a 275-seat stadium-style auditorium with a 14-meter screen; the seating arrangement ensures an excellent view wherever you are seated. 

The seating area is almost like an amphitheater, you can enjoy an excellent view of the screen without being obstructed by the people in front of you.

The theater is open from early May through the end of December and shows every hour. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, it is worth considering the Discovery Pass, adult and children’s passes are included with your purchase. 

The exhibits in the theater lobby also trace some interesting history and mark some interesting dates, such as 1802 when the first honeymoon couple came to the falls, and 1969 when they came to check out the falls from the rocks.

The exhibits and viewing platform are wonderful and news providers, you can spend enough time here even if you are older. The souvenirs are a special attraction here in the store.

You can order a set of headphones that are available to listen to the movie in other languages such as: Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and German.

What to do at the Niagara Adventure Theater?

The Niagara Falls IMAX film “Legends of Adventure” comes to life on a new giant screen, an incredible adventure accompanied by the thunderous booms of Niagara transmitted through Dolby digital surround sound in an auditorium full of seats.

This is a place where visitors can feel the power and see the mist, myths and mysteries of one of the most famous wonders of the world. You can watch exciting adventure movies or movies with Niagara Falls or animated vacation movies.

This film, which visitors will see on an impressive screen, tells the story of human interaction with the falls, focusing primarily on the “daredevils” who crossed, navigated and even jumped off them.

You will meet the Native Americans who were the original settlers in the Niagara Falls area and learn about their life, culture and beliefs. 

You know, among others, Annie Edison Taylor, who crossed Horseshoe Fall in an oak barrel in 1901 and survived.

Why enter the Niagara Adventure Theater?

This is a very well made film. It makes history and shows spectacular views of Niagara Falls. Plan to go in the afternoon when it is warmer, the theater is a great place to cool off.

Definitely a great activity at the Niagara Adventure Theatre, it’s a great way to relax after a busy day of sightseeing. It is also an excellent lunch break, as several restaurants are quite close by.

If you like documentaries, you can give this one a try, it’s an old movie and not very glossy like those new HD documentaries. Sitting back and enjoying this film is a nice, comfortable break from the charm of the falls

This is not a normal movie or like the Nat Geo or Discovery Channel documentaries. The difference is obvious, that is, you can see and feel the waterfalls during the projection. The technology of the film gives sonic realism to the projection. 

Very informative and entertaining, it will keep your interest. Discover with your children one of the most famous natural wonders of the world, you will have the opportunity to take lots of pictures.

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