Niagara falls imax theatre

Niagara falls Imax theatre

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During your visit to Niagara Falls, besides enjoying the adventure and all that this wonderful place has to offer, do not hesitate to book your tickets to the Niagara Falls IMAX theatre, a fantastic place where you can learn more about this natural monument.

Visiting the Niagara Falls IMAX theatre is a fantastic option. You can go with your family and friends to this place and learn more about Niagara Falls; there you will discover more about the history of this beautiful place.

In this theater you will be able to see the items that are used to perform different extreme stunts during the Niagara Daredevils exhibition, including the real barrels that are used to float and crash into the falls.

Learn more about this magical place, the various myths and even miracles that remain etched in history and that you will discover in the IMAX theater.

Where is the Niagara Falls IMAX theatre located?

It is located next to the Skylon Tower and the Niagara Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. It is relatively close to Niagara Falls, which makes it a worthwhile place to visit; you will have no excuse to stop when you go to the city. 

If you go on a tour to Niagara Falls, you will surely have time to enter the Niagara Falls IMAX theatre and enjoy a movie; likewise, if you go alone on this trip, you can skip some activity and divert your tour to this place; you won’t regret it. 

What will you find and what should you know when you enter Niagara Falls IMAX theatre?

  • You will find the wonderful National Geographic store, a place where you can buy educational games, postcards and books that you can take home as souvenirs.
  • It offers discounts if you buy tickets online. 
  • You have the option to purchase tickets individually to enjoy an exhibition or movie; you can also combine your purchase and the price will be cheaper.
  • While you enjoy the movies and exhibits, you can indulge in the best popcorn, soft drinks and any kind of candy you may desire. 

When can I enjoy the services of Niagara Falls IMAX theatre?

You can plan your tour to Niagara Falls and during your stay enjoy the theater, as this place is available every day except Christmas Day. Movies are shown daily, although times may vary; for this reason, we recommend you check the schedule during your visit. 

Suitable for any member of the family

When visiting this theater you have nothing to worry about, because the presentations offered in this wonderful place are aimed at anyone, even children under age.

The movies shown at the Niagara Falls IMAX theatre are the highlight of you tour

During your tour, you can cruise over Niagara Falls, take a high-speed Indy car ride and even climb to the top of Mount Everest, but none of these activities beats the experience you’ll have at the theater.

The movies shown in the IMAX theater will take you to the best places, places you’ve never been before and that only in this theater you will be able to enjoy. Go into this adventure with your loved ones and enjoy to the fullest. 

How long are the movies?

Enjoying a movie at the Niagara Falls IMAX theater won’t take up much of your time; you will be able to watch presentations of only 45 minutes, enough time to discover the wonderful and incredible stories that Niagara Falls hides.

During your vacation trip or quick getaway to Niagara Falls you can’t miss a visit to the IMAX theater; it’s a must-see that you definitely won’t regret. 

You will live a wonderful and unforgettable experience. This room offers the best quality projections with great image and sound quality; its presentations are full of emotion and knowledge, although most are short and do not exceed 45 minutes, more than enough time to learn about the history and legend of this place. 

In addition, before reaching the presentation room, you can enjoy a small museum where a variety of significant objects are exhibited, such as barrels, boats, barrels and many more items that have been used by people who on different occasions have decided to jump from the top of the falls.  Without a doubt, it is worth visiting this theater with your family during your visit to Niagara Falls, you won’t regret it!

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