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It is not surprising that such an emblematic place is not only used as a natural beauty and is that the place as Niagara Falls in the movies has been the focus of many directors and actresses in the world of cinema.

Not everyone has been able to achieve the objective of filming in Niagara, since it is a very busy area and they have had to adapt to the area and the passage of tourism.

Films shot at Niagara Falls


The first film shot in Niagara reaching the last corner of the cinemas was Niagara, we moved to the year 1953 and nothing more and nothing less starring Marilyn Monroe, this film reached such a point that was where the film career began the protagonist Marilyn Monroe.
Among other artists such as Jean Peters, Max Showalter and Richard Alian this film has the staging in more than 50 residents of Niagara.
This film is based on suspense in which Marilyn has some very sensual interpretations throughout his career and the staging of the film the falls is as if it were one more, marking a claustrophobic atmosphere scene considering that it is in all the rage of pure nature.

Niágara - Cataratas del niágara en el cine
Niagara – Niagara Falls at the Movies

In the following link you can see a trailer of the movie Niagara – Trailer Niágara.


We move to the year 1974 when the film was shot, where an old man tries to conquer the Niagara Falls, the old man is played by Richard Boone.

Film in oblivion because neither vhs or dvd have no reproduction, although in the days of filming many tourists remember the day of shooting and many have wanted to get to see the film, although at the moment it is unknown if it came to theaters, years ago ABC managed to make promotion to see it, but it is unknown if they came to reproduce the film, and you can find it aquí

The Great Niagara en las cataratas del niágara en el cine
The Great Niagara at Niagara Falls at the Movies

There are still people who want and are looking for ways to find this film that will remain in their memories.


A 1983 novel by Stephen King and screenplay by Jeffrey Boam is the potion for this film about a young professor who suffers an accident and remains in a coma for five years, causing him to awaken with extrasensory powers.
The whole film is basically set in the vicinity of Niagara-on-the-lake.

Here you can see the trailer : THE DEAD ZONE THE NIAGARA FALLS AT THE MOVIES


We go back to 1980 when the second part of Superman II is broadcasted in theaters. Most of the filming takes place on Table Rock, which is the edge of the waterfalls of the Canadian Horseshoe.

The shooting of the film takes place when two journalists are sent to the Falls to fulfill a mission. On the big screens of the cinema at the falls we see Superman in a big scene flying to rescue a child who has just fallen into the deepest part of the falls.

If you haven’t seen it yet or you want to relive the moment of the movie at the falls, here is a Trailer that you can’t forget.

By the way, at that very moment of the descent, the mythical Maid of the Mist can already be seen making its way down the falls.


A good adventure for a newlywed couple celebrating their honeymoon on their way, of course, to the falls. The film was shot at the falls in 2006. A great adventure starring James Franco, David Carradine and Sienna Miller.
In the following link you can see a fantastic trailer of another great movie of Niagara Falls in the cinema.

Camille Niagara Falls at the movies


Pirates of the Caribbean saga has been filmed in several places, but this one had a peculiarity that you will surely remember if you have seen it, and is that we see that they fall with the ship over some waterfalls, which obviously are the Niagara Falls, although it is logical that the ship was not thrown.


Although it is not a movie but it is worthy and worldwide recognized in Niagara Falls in the cinema was the show of the famous David Copperfield over the falls.

The performance consisted of what many have tried to do and defy nature, in the year 1911 when Bobby descended with a barrel. But David Copperfield in 1990 with his trick and admired by many people who left everyone with their mouths open. In the video that we leave the link you can see how the magician escapes with the raft chained.

David Copperfield at Niagara Falls on film.

If you know of a movie or something special in Niagara Falls on film, leave it in the comments and we’ll add it to our fabulous articles about filming in Niagara Falls.

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