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NIAGARA FALLS. Which side to visit in Niagara Falls, located between the United States and Canada, is to get to know the best outdoor spaces. The majesty of its landscapes makes the decision of which side is the best place to appreciate its authentic waterfalls more and more difficult.

Niágara Falls - Qué lado visitar
Niagara Falls – Which side to visit

NIÁGARA FALLS: Which side to visit?

The two sides of Niagara Falls

Before choosing which side to visit, you should know that the Niagara River is responsible for marking the border between the United States and Canada. The ideal is to visit both sides of the Falls.

These two countries have these interesting attractions, each with spaces that will leave you with an extraordinary experience, whether in natural areas or large entertainment areas.

The American Falls

It has long been known that this side has more natural recreation areas, which is why, if you are a nature lover, this will be your favorite place.

The trails, green areas, islands and large bodies of water are the most popular areas on this side of the falls integrated by a State Park.

In addition, in terms of offers it is much more affordable than visiting Canada. As a result, some people prefer to stay here and then move on to Canada.

Other offers from USA

The value of restaurants, attractions and stores tends to be more easily adjusted. Therefore, if you want to buy a souvenir, this side will guarantee it.

From there, you can access some places such as: Prospect Point Observation Tower, Cave of the Winds, Discovery Center, Adventure Theater and the renowned Niagara Trolley ride (all with more than affordable prices).

Canadian Falls

To say which side is the best is a mistake, but there are those who claim that Canada offers the best lodging, scenic views and leisure facilities.

Curiously, from this side you can appreciate much better the medium-sized waterfalls located in the US, as well as the larger one whose shape is horseshoe-shaped.

It is appropriate to point out that, for people with mobility difficulties, this side guarantees paved areas on the walk along the banks of the Niagara River.

Also, citizens consider the Canadian Falls to be much safer and in a better state of preservation than the U.S. side.

Other offers from Canada

From there it is possible to visit shopping malls, casinos and attractive sites that will make you think that this is a mini-vega.

Gastronomic delights are another tourist attraction, especially as far as wine tasting is concerned.

You can also access the following attractions: Journey behind the falls, Clifton Hill, Niagara Zipline, Niagara’s Fury (a 4D and 360º cinema) and Skylon Tower which we wrote about previously in our Experiences section and which you can read about by clicking on the following link, Skylon Tower,

Vista de la Torre Skylon en Niágara
Torre Skylon – Niágara Falls

What to consider in Niagara

First of all, although the Falls can be visited for free, it is imperative that you know that some tourists prefer the Canadian side. Although it is a bit more expensive, this is due to customs formalities.

As a consequence, do not forget to carry your identity passport with you at all times, even though you can reach each side walking because of its short distance.

Finally, keep in mind that the large number of tourists in Canada could cause lodging difficulties, making costs higher.

Tell us if you have already visited Niagara Falls on which side or if you have visited both sides.

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