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The City of Niagara on the Lake

The city of Niagara on the Lake is famous for its customs, culture, agriculture and for its high quality tourism. City next to Niagara Falls.

La ciudad de Niágara-on-the-Lake
La ciudad de Niágara-on-the-Lake

In the previous post, INNISKILLIN ON THE LAKE – Winery in Niagara which you can read HERE, we talked about one of the most famous wineries in Niagara, famous for its delicious IceWine, today we are going to get to know the city, Niagara-on-the-lake.

Niagara on the Lake has a population of about 18,000 inhabitants, belongs to the Canadian province of Ontario, on the banks of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. It is a city with a main source of income which is tourism, because of its position next to Niagara Falls but also because of the culture and beauty of the city, keeping its customs.

Niagara on the Lake is also very important for its Historic Canada site, as it served as the capital of the English colony of Upper Canada. A detail about the name is that back in 1880 it was adopted, the reason was to differentiate it from Niagara Falls. Niagara on the Lake we can find the Catholic and Anglican churches, the oldest in Ontario and for golf fans, its golf course is the oldest in North America.

As we mentioned, Niagara on the lake is a tourist destination, a destination that many people visit all year round, be it for its wineries, the Shaw Festival, its culinary offerings, its excellent agriculture and for its hiking as it has many trails in breathtaking scenery.

The city of Niagara on the lake has streets and buildings that are very well preserved, you can find a very glamorous stay with a romantic touch.

The entire population are very proud to possess those historical, architectural and agricultural sites, richness in fruits and vegetables, which are the most delicious that can be found in the Niagara Peninsula. They also possess the best grapes that are harvested in the entire Niagara area, as they are well known throughout the world, giving quality, excellence and flavour.

Strolling through its streets as soon as you arrive, you can already imagine the beauty of the city, streets full of flowers, shops, theatres… a marvellous city that is easy to fall in love with.

The city of Niagara on the Lake, despite its wealth of countryside, also offers a wide variety of activities, leisure and cultural experiences such as music, theatre, art…

Given its cultural value, the city of Niagara-on-the-Lake is attracted to many famous artists in photography and music, as well as art. Performances are not to be missed, as visitors are given the opportunity to experience all the creativity with historical re-enactments, photography, professional theatre and much more in unique and historic venues throughout the city.

A host of special events are held throughout the year, you can also tour Fort George and the great Museum of the entire Historical Society and if you like theatre you can’t miss a visit to the Shaw Festival with no less than three theatres. After the tours you can visit the financial district where you can stroll or shop.

After naming some of the many things to do in Niagara on the Lake, we recommend a great tour of the old town, which you can do in a horse-drawn carriage, as they still preserve this tradition, or a boat ride on the Niagara River.

In the city of Niagara on the Lake you can find bike rental companies that have fun and entertaining routes through the area. A short trip along the scenic Niagara Parkway leads directly to Queenston heights and the beautiful Niagara Falls.

Finally, be sure to visit Niagara on the Lake, spend a day or two in the city and its countryside. Enjoy the great food and indulge yourself in the theatre.

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