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One of the most prominent and famous Niagara SkyWheel in all of Canada sits almost 54 metres above Niagara Falls, which means that if you intend to travel to Canada and plan a sightseeing tour, you have to stop by the Niagara SkyWheel.

Noria de Niágara
Niágara SkyWheel

This is a park where you can spend a pleasant time with family and friends, as well as being an excellent option for sightseeing. 

If standing in front of Niagara Falls is simply magnificent, looking down on it from the top is unparalleled. 

For this reason, we will tell you more about this place and the activities you can do once you visit. Not only will you be able to see the most famous waterfall in the world, but you can also enjoy Cilfton Hill Road, the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and more.

What attractions can you find at the Niagara SkyWheel?

1 The Skylon Tower 

You could say that it is a safe way to visit Niagara from a high but safe place. It is a structure with a height of several metres which is used to look at the beauty of Niagara in all its splendour. 

Thanks to its great height and panoramic view, you can easily take amazing pictures if you have a camera, although with today’s mobile phones you don’t need a camera to take amazing pictures.

It is also worth mentioning that this place has a leisure centre for all ages plus a restaurant where you can eat while watching the wonders of the place through the window.

In order to access this place as such, to its highest point, you have to take the famous Yellow Bug Elevators. These will take you in less than 1 minute to the highest point of the site. It is a really worthwhile tourist site.

As for the attractions that you can enjoy in Skylon Tower, we can mention the most outstanding ones, which are the following:

  • Battle of the Titans: this is an exhibition where you can see all kinds of dinosaurs through fossils and quality audiovisual material. You will also find life-size dinosaurs that are completely robotic.
  • 3D/4D Falls Movie: As the name suggests, these are special effects films aimed at showing you the culture and legends of Niagara Falls.
  • Family Fun Center: This is just a leisure centre located on the ground floor of the site where the whole family can have a good time with entertainment and good food.

2 Clifton Hill

This is the main attraction around Niagara Falls. The reason for this is because it has good tourist attractions, varied restaurants with quality food and entertainment for all ages.

To give you an idea of what you’ll find here, the largest Niagara SkyWheel in all of Canada is available and open to the public. Also not to be forgotten are the cruise ships, which you can find right at the beginning of Clifton Hill.

3 Viewpoints at the falls

It’s impossible to visit this place and not take the opportunity to get a closer look using the viewpoints scattered around Niagara Falls. You just have to know exactly where to place them and go and take some amazing pictures. 

However, make sure that the photos are taken very early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is setting.

4 Remolino de Niágara

Also known as the Niagara Whirlpool, it is a place which is very close to the borders of Canada and the United States. It is a formation that is about 4200 years old since its formation and can be enjoyed thanks to an aerial transportation system.

What is the Niagara SkyWheel experience like?

If your intention is only to visit the local Niagara SkyWheel, please note that the approximate duration of this attraction is only 10 minutes. 

But the comfort of the cabins is formidable: good seats, heating to keep you warm or air-conditioning if you want it, and so on.

The advantage or the strong point of this attraction is that there is a maximum of 8 people in total in the cabin. You can go there during the day and at night. During the day you can have a nice view of the place and take pictures, while at night you can enjoy the beauty of the place with its light effects.

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