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Parques en Nueva York

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One of the things that New York is known for, despite being a big city, is the spectacular parks in New York.

Parques en Nueva York
Parks in New York

We have to know that it is one of the largest cities with urban parks among the most famous the Central Park, Bryan Park and Hit Line Park being the most popular what we can find of New York parks.

In this article we are going to write about the 6 most important parks, although its dozens of parks are important, if you visit New York, you should contemplate these six parks.



The famous park of New York Central Park is the most recognized, although it seems natural, the whole park was planned to be as natural as possible.

Let’s say it is the green lung of parks in New York where they have recorded hundreds of famous films and series surrounded by great artists.

We have to keep in mind that to visit it we must have planned the time although the best way if we are short of time especially in the summer months would be important to hire a bike tour and take the best views as a souvenir.

The park was designed more than a century ago and half a century ago tranquility and rest to the mind to the New Yorkers said words of tranquility and rest the mind was by its chief landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted.

Today, in the XXI century, Central Park, considered one of the best parks in New York, is still one of the most important tourist attractions in the world when it receives more than 35 million visitors a year.

As we have said in previous articles in the parks in New York are a destination for students to relax and sunbathe in which we can find couples strolling in carriages owners walking their dogs or even musicians giving an emotional show to the park.

Of the parks in New York, Central Park is also characterized by its ponds, meadows, statues and monuments, museums, arches and bridges and even a Central Park Zoo.

Spectacular and the best of the parks in New York! In our article the best 3 things to do in Central Park you will find a lot of information, here we leave you the link for more information.



Among the famous parks in New York, the High Line Park is built on an abandoned elevated train line that runs through the Meatpacking district and Chelsea.

In this neighborhood we can find hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques and best of all it crosses the original Hightline Park which is the park that is built on the lines of an abandoned train.

Worth visiting and strolling to contemplate the beauty of it.


Another of the most famous parks that we can find in New York is the classic Manhattan park this park is surrounded by skyscrapers and the curious thing about this great park, is that every season especially in summer, offers different things like movies skating markets…


The Hudson River Park, is also characterized within the framework of parks in New York for its great activities in summer. Located along the Hudson River runs through large neighborhoods.

In this park you can also enjoy the breeze coming off the river, spectacular nature in its purest form!

Hudson River Park – Parks in New York


This large and extensive park is located at the southern end of Lower and to keep in mind that it is also well known within the framework of parks in New York, because it is the starting point to make the great visit to the Statue of Liberty.

If we talk about history we have the Clinton Castle, where there are many viewpoints and you can also enjoy the breeze and make good captures for the memory.

Over the years, the park has gained meters from the sea, where we can find interesting places, such as the aforementioned Castle Clinton, historical heritage monuments, museums…

Battery Park – Parks in New York


This peculiar park has a small thing, it is only open during the warm months and it opens from May to October. Therefore, if you are in those dates, you can not miss the visit, since it is worth seeing and framed within the parks in New York.

The estimated time of the visit is about two hours, the island is not very large, and it is best to rent a bike to travel the route.

During the ride we can see historic forts that are military fortifications built in colonial times.

We can also see a viewpoint called Manhattan viewpoint that the truth that in the whole island of governors is a great viewpoint.

In this island we can also contemplate several events that are made during the summer events such as concerts, outdoor parties and many other activities.

In following articles we will name and specify all and how many are, parks in New York, because in fact all are important, of course, of the area you visit in New York.

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