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Niagara Falls continues to be a special destination for many reasons, honeymooners, friends, family and even for a romantic day at Niagara. Niagara Falls is a special destination for many reasons, honeymooners, friends, family and also for a romantic day in Niagara.

Día romántico en Niágara
Día romántico en Niágara

When we talk about romantic day we remember February 14, which is the date of Valentine’s Day, but it can also be any day that was marked by something very special that happened.

With the arrival of that special day so romantic that comes with typical gifts, spa day, dinner, perfume, we want to surprise our partner, but many overlook giving a trip, and if we think of travel, it comes to mind Paris or Venice, which are usually referents to romanticism, but not so, as there are many more destinations including Niagara Falls.


Although the romantic history is quite extensive, we can simplify that Niagara Falls has a historical reputation as the honeymoon capital of the world, dating back to no less than 1801, where couples would attend to gaze at the Falls with their natural beauty and gaze at each other.

Nowadays spending a romantic day at Niagara can be more appealing, as we can watch the falls and do quite a few activities that have been designed for the occasion, relax, reconnect and light that fuse a little more to give more magic to your relationship.


To spend a romantic day in Niagara you don’t need to think that you are going to spend a lot of money, with a small budget, you can make that romantic day in Niagara remain in your memories forever. With our tips we are going to give you, you will surprise your partner on this romantic day in Niagara.


If you want to spend a romantic day at Niagara one of the best options is a trip to the falls from New York. The journey is already spectacular and also arriving at the falls you have the Maid of the Mist boat ride into the falls, an impressive natural attraction.

Niágara Tour desde Nueva York - Maid of The Mist
Niágara Tour desde Nueva York – Maid of The Mist

If you want more information here is all the information and you will see that for very little you will spend a spectacular romantic day in Niagara.



You can’t miss a wine tour if you are going to spend a romantic day in Niagara. As we already wrote in an article that you can find in this link INNISKILLIN ON THE LAKE WINERY IN NIAGARA is a good option to surprise your partner, as it is unique in the world and the pleasure of tasting such wine will enhance your romantic trip in Niagara.

Visita bodega Inniskillin on the Lake
Inniskillin on the Lake Winery Tour

There are wine routes that can be hired, but if your trip is short, Inniskillin is one of the most famous and a visit to this winery is a must. Exactly 22 wineries contemplate this route, which can be a good option if you are a wine lover.


If you visit Niagara Falls on a romantic day in Niagara, such as February 14, Valentine’s Day, you have perfect plans for the occasion of where to propose to your sweetheart.

La torre Skylon Niágara
The Skylon Niagara Tower

In the Skylon Tower, is a place of choice for romantics, style of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, from the same Skylon Tower at night, you can see the amazing Niagara Falls.

Illuminated from the high zone, same zone that is chosen by the couple for the great proposal of hand accompanied the ring, mixture that will make that the couple will be impacted, by the great views from the same Tower, as also the day marked February 14 that the illumination is for the occasion with red and passionate colors accompanied by fireworks.

The Skylon Tower is also dressed in these colors that same special night on the romantic day in Niagara.

Hopefully we have informed you with our tips for spending a romantic day in Niagara while enjoying the beauty of nature as well as further igniting the fuse of love or even fanning the fading flame. Niagara is a spectacular place that is all about romance – set your partner’s bar even higher!

If you have already visited Niagara Falls chosen as a romantic day in Niagara, tell us about your experience.

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