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If you’ve been thinking about spending a summer in New York, we have to tell you that there are great temperatures and plenty of activities to do.

Summer in New York

As strange as it may sound, spending a summer in New York can be one of the most impressive things that can happen to you, we have to keep in mind that it is high season and there is a lot to do.

Also keep in mind that many tourists come to the city and prices are high season, but do not worry because you have many things to do for free, visits to parks and other activities that later we will name for you to spend a fantastic summer in New York and without spending large amounts of money.

Summer in New York

Visit the parks of New York

One of the things you can do in summer in New York is to visit the parks, dozens of parks you will find in New York and they all have their charm.

Nueva York en verano
Parks in New York

Parks for sports, picnics, sunbathing or just relaxing and not missing the great views surrounding the parks.

Among the most prominent, Central Park is a New York landmark among the dozens of spectacular parks that can be found, as well as the classic Bryant Park and High Line Park as well as Brooklyn Bridge Park and Gantry Plaza Estate Park.

In future articles, we will dedicate an explicit article to the Parks in New York.

New York Beaches

Yes! you read that right, for these hot days and hot nights in summer in New York you can enjoy urban beaches. A luxury to enjoy in New York totally free urban beaches like, Coney Island in Brooklyn, Rockaway in Queens, Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Long Beach in Long Island and Great Kills Park in Staten Island.

Urban beaches in New York

A luxury as well as the parks to spend the most fantastic summer in New York you can imagine.

Ferries in New York

If you want to know and cross the different districts of New York, you can make refreshing and panoramic trips on ferry boats, with very little money you can enjoy a spectacular and wonderful ride from another point of view.

Guided tours in New York

With the arrival of the good summer temperatures in New York, guided tours are multiplying and although it may not seem like it, they are highly recommended, as you will save time and money. Guided tours are recommended for all tastes, and today we are going to name the guided tours by bicycle.

Summer Bike Tours in New York

If you want to know more corners of the big city, fill yourself with stories and visit the major landmarks of New York, a good option is the New York Contrasts Tour, specialists in Tours that you will not regret and it will have been a spectacular summer in New York, just as you had dreamed.

Another option and guided tour to take advantage of the good weather and not miss one of the wonders of the world, leaving the great city of New York is to visit Niagara Falls from New York.

Yes you read that right, for a small fee, you can make the trip from New York to Niagara Falls on the American side, and enjoy the boat ride into the Falls.

For more information, click on the following link VISIT NIAGARA FALLS FROM NEW YORK.

You won’t regret it! You could be one of your best summer, summer in New York.

Aperitif on a terrace

After walking, visiting and collecting a lot of information about the big city and especially in summer in New York, we can take a break, stop, and enjoy a good Martini from some places with a terrace.

The summer in New York, hot and excited to see so much, is also characterized by its terraces in buildings, such as the Kimberly Hotel, where we can access the 30th floor where the bar is located and enjoy an aperitif while contemplating the Chrysler Building, but if we want more elegance, nothing to envy the American Hotel in the heart of downtown and the heart of Chelsea.

Summer sights in New York

Any place being summer in New York will suffice to enjoy the city that never sleeps. You’ll love spending a summer in New York!

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