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The Tesla Memorial is for those who are fans of great characters of history such as Nikola Tesla and are passing through Niagara, you should know that you have the possibility to see and visit a monument dedicated exclusively to this person and all his inventions.

Nikola Tesla

The Story Behind Tesla at Niagara

Tesla was a famous inventor, electrical engineer, physicist and mechanical engineer who changed the world with his inventions and patents.

He is highly recognized for being the person who discovered the electromagnetic field and along with it, the development of alternating current.

You may wonder what does what we have just said have to do with Niagara. The answer lies in Niagara itself, since it is a source of generating electrical energy at industrial levels.

So, thanks to Tesla’s visit to Niagara, the world’s first hydroelectric power plant was developed.

Contrary to what many people tend to think, the Niagara power plant was not the first to be created, but served as inspiration for the first ones to be built between 1878 and 1885.

It is for this simple reason that there is an entire monument dedicated to Nikola Tesla at Niagara. Now, what can you see in this monument and place so characteristic and famous for tourists?

What to see at the Tesla memorial Niagara Falls?

It is a temporary place, which pays tribute to Tesla as we said, so you will notice one of the most famous statues and the meaning it has.

Of course, the fort is the statue itself, as it is several meters high and is placed on a large gear, which also has its meaning.

So, during the tour guide (if you opt for one), they will tell you all the details about Tesla and Niagara and the great impact that this person had on the place.

And if you get to the side of the statue and look around, you will be able to see the Niagara Parkway.

We recommend that if you visit this place, try to go on a date when there is no snow, as this will make it impossible to see all the details that have been dedicated to Tesla.

Therefore, the most advisable and feasible is to go in spring or summer, so you can notice all the details of the statue and if you want, take good pictures with a great significance.

Is the monument a reason to visit Niagara?

The truth is that it is not as relevant as many other places located in Niagara and the surrounding area, but there is no doubt that if it is there you have to know how to take advantage of it and learn more about what once was the life of this person.

In addition, there is no shortage of reasons to give Nikola Tesla the recognition he deserves for all his contributions to humanity and science.

This monument only does him a little justice and gives the world a piece of history that can serve as an inspiration for future generations.

In fact, it is one of the main reasons many parents and school field trips travel to this location primarily. On one side you notice the large statue dedicated to Tesla, while on the opposite side of the road you can see Niagara in all its splendor.

If you are wondering why the statue is located in that specific place, it is because it is a kind of homage to when Tesla first came to the place and began to visualize the possible inventions that Niagara provided him with inspiration.

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