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Vista de la Torre Skylon en Niágara

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The Skylon Tower

Vista de la Torre Skylon en Niágara

Almost 237 metres high, the Skylon Tower, located in Niagara Falls, is known for its two famous restaurants and of course for its incredible views.

Construction of the Skylon Tower began in May 1964, and it was inaugurated in October 1965 with a finished budget of some 7 million dollars.

Despite the many renovations it has undergone over the years, Skylon Tower still retains much of its 1970s and 1980s look and feel. Currently there have been major renovations, one of them being two Starbucks franchises, a large bridge to access from the complex to the famous Fallsview casino and a 4D and 3D theatre. The lights that shine at night have also been changed, a few years ago they were white and have been replaced by a selection of colours that are interchanged, similar to the lights that shine on the descents.

The Skylon Tower currently has three exterior lifts called the Yellow Bug. These lifts were designed by two companies, Otis of Hamilton and Ontario. The lifts in the Skylon Tower take 52 seconds to reach the top, these lifts do not operate in the same way as the cable and pulley lifts, these lifts have a built-in guide on a rail at the rear only. They operate with this system to prevent wind, ice or snow produced in the winter season from getting tangled in the cables.

La Torre Skylon iluminada

The incredible and spectacular Skylon Tower has two restaurants at the top, at the bottom the well known and famous spectacular Rotating restaurant, which seats more than 270 people, the restaurant rotates constantly and takes 59 minutes to go around, a marvel and a pleasure to enjoy the views while you enjoy eating.

From the Skylon Tower you can see the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil and American Falls. From the observatory, if the day is clear, you can see more than 129 kms, a marvel you can’t miss. The revolving restaurant located in the Skylon Tower tends to show diners to see over 8,000 square kilometres, it is the most impressive view you can see in Niagara Falls.

At the entrance of the Skylon Tower, in the lobby you can find a wide variety of shopping and even activities. Angelo Rossi, the King of Glass, puts on a glass-blowing show several times a day, only in the summer season. If you have the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls in the summer season, don’t hesitate to visit the Skylon Tower, you will have a SPECTACULAR souvenir.

Excursions to Niagara (click here to see the top 5 excursions) there are many, but this one SKYLON TOWER is not to be missed.
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