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Everyone wants to visit the great Niagara Falls. Popular for many years, here are some tips for visiting Niagara Falls.

It is always good to have a plan or an idea of what you will do when you visit these falls, which have a variety of attractions, parks and sights to enjoy.

Here you can find all the pertinent information to make your trip to the falls a unique and incomparable experience.

Consejos para visitar las Cataratas del Niágara
Tips for visiting Niagara Falls


The climate at the falls

When we decide to go to Niagara Falls, the weather will have a great influence.

For example, in summer the sun shines incandescently, the animals and flowers are at their peak of exposure and the waterfalls will refresh us in an almost biblical way.

Consejos para visitar las Cataratas
Tips for visiting the Falls

In winter, however, the weather is duller because the flowers are covered by snow and the animals migrate. The waterfalls may freeze and we will not be able to enjoy boat rides.

With this in mind, the best times to visit Niagara Falls are summer and spring and here are some tips for visiting Niagara Falls

The best side of Niagara Falls

In case you didn’t know, Niagara Falls is considered the natural border between Canada and the United States. What we can do, see or feel on each side can be indistinct if we visit both sides. Although for this, we must have a passport that allows us to cross the border without problems.

Visitar las Cataratas del Niágara
Visiting Niagara Falls

But if that’s not the case, each side has its own special touch that makes a visit to Niagara Falls a special event.

Canadian side

On this side we will find an infinity of wonderful landscapes, incredible views of the Falls, as well as many attractions.

It is known as “Las Mini-Vegas” due to the hotels, casinos, shopping malls and attractions that give it an excellent nightlife.

In addition, the security on this side is better, the roads along the river are better paved and there is a greater range of activities.

However, all of the above being true, this side is one of the busiest. This can be a problem when looking for a place to park your car, if you have one.

U.S. side

On this side of the falls, we can also have amazing views, although a little more lateral.

But when it comes to parking, the American side is much more extensive. You won’t spend hours looking for a place to park. Also, the natural landscapes are of greater scope, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

And, in addition, everything is cheaper. Considering that the U.S. dollar is more valuable than the Canadian dollar, prices are better in comparison.

Main attractions in Niagara Falls

To begin with, Maid of the Mist is the main tour that we can take no matter which side we are on. This tour has been offered to tourists since 1846 and continues to operate.

Maid Of the Mist Niágara
Doncella de la Niebla Niágara

Canadian side

To begin with, Journey Behind the Falls allows us to observe and feel first-hand the water of the Falls as they break.

There is also the Skylon Tower, which has an impressive view of the Falls from above, because the tower is very high.

In addition, there is Niagara’s Fury. A 4D cinema that will make you live an almost real experience where you will navigate on the Niagara River.

U.S. side

First, Cave of the Winds is a walkway that has spectacular overlooks and will allow you to get so close to the Falls that you will get wet. A poncho is included in the tour.

Also, there is the Prospect Point Tower, which has one of the best views from the U.S. side. Its cost is $1.00 and at night it is free.

Another important attraction is the Niagara Trolley ride. It is a system of routes that links all the other attractions, allowing us to move around the area on foot.

In previous articles we talked about the names of Niagara Falls and where the name came from, in the following link you can find more information. Niagara Falls

The best experience for the little ones at home

If you want to give your children an unforgettable experience, Niagara Falls has several educational and family-oriented attractions.

There is the Discovery Center, where there is an interactive exhibit. There we can learn all about Niagara Falls, its history, wildlife, geological aspects and more.

Also in the Adverture Theater, a movie about the history of the Falls is played at least 13 times a day. It is a nice movie for the little ones in the house to learn.

Likewise, Clifton Hill on the Canadian side offers children many fun attractions for an amazing day out.

Where can you stay in Niagara?

Being a completely touristy area, both sides of the pond have a great variety of hotels where you can stay.

Hoteles en Cataratas del Niágara
Hotels in Niagara Falls

Some are more expensive than others. More or less close to the Falls, first class services, transportation, Wifi and more.

On the U.S. side is the DoubleTree by Hilton. This prestigious hotel is located in Buffalo, in the heart of Niagara Falls.

On the other hand, on the Canadian side is the Sterling Inn & Spa hotel. This complex is ideal to spend a honeymoon. It is also 1 km away from the tourist company that offers the Maid of the Mist ride.

Fireworks and light show

From the moment the sun sets, the falls are adorned with colored lights that give it a special feeling. This event lasts until midnight.

Cataratas del Niágara de noche con luces
Niagara Falls at night with lights

In addition, in summer and winter, the fireworks show is not lacking in the evenings and weekends, respectively. From 22:00 we can watch the sky above the falls light up with fireworks.

This show takes place on the U.S. side, but obviously we will be able to observe it from the Canadian side as well.

Niagara Falls Visiting Hours

In general, Niagara Falls never closes. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But, likewise, the boat rides are done by tour companies and they have their own service schedules. But again, in general we can visit the falls at any time we want because they are always available for us.

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