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Top of the Falls

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You can eat well in Niagara Falls. When you finish visiting the Cave of the Winds, there is a nice restaurant overlooking the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

The tourist infrastructure around the most famous waterfall in the world is not only hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores, but also a huge “amusement park” that offers numerous attractions. But we are here to talk about the Top of the Falls restaurant, this will be a beautiful experience with a fantastic buffet and a truly splendid view of all the falls.

Top of the Falls

Where is the Top of the Falls restaurant located?

Next to the observation deck is the Top of the Falls restaurant.

It is located inside Niagara State Park on the New York/US side with one of the best views. You can walk to get there or take the streetcar once in the park. The second floor has a gift store and restrooms, the elevator or stairs will take you upstairs to the actual restaurant where you can dine inside or outside depending on weather and wind conditions.

What is Top of the Falls Restaurant like?

The restaurant is located practically on the waterfront and offers seating against a large glass wall overlooking the horseshoe and Canadian side. The location is fantastic, overlooking the Horseshoe Falls.

Reservations are not necessary, the waiting time for a table should not be long (up to 20 minutes). When it comes to food, we describe it as normal, but try the local cheeses: the restaurant works with local vendors who produce cheeses and wines and offer a tasting menu (served on a wooden tray shaped like the state of New York!).

View from the Top of the Falls restaurant

This is an elegant and refined restaurant that makes you appreciate; enjoy one of the most spectacular views of our planet, 360° very impressive, absolutely unique, emotions are not lacking even in the distance.

It is a tower with the restaurant on top, it is round, it rotates very slowly and so you can enjoy a wonderful view of the falls, while you eat (if you can get the table near the windows), and the panorama is always changing.

All the walls are glazed and the layout of the tables, both planimetrically and altimetrically, allows you to have an exceptional view of Niagara Falls from any location.

You can ask to be seated outdoors on one of the two patios on the second floor, although you can also sit inside. Wherever you sit you have a great view of Niagara Falls.

What can you eat at the Top of the Falls restaurant?

In this restaurant it is possible to have lunch for 15-20 dollars. The food is buffet style, so you can eat as much as you want. In general, this area of New York only has Italian, fast food or Indian-American food.

The menu is not huge, but there is plenty to choose from. A favorite is a burger and fries, which is delicious. 

Other selections on the lunch menu include: appetizers, wraps, chicken sandwiches, boneless chicken wings and some other entrees such as the charcuterie board, olives and cheese. 

Be sure to order the veal sandwich that comes on a soft caraway bun with sea salt and a little juice, called Beef on Weck. 

You can choose sea turtle salad which consisted of spinach and fresh berries, toasted almonds, cheese, dried cranberries with a concord grape seed vinaigrette dressing.

Try the beef with vegetables or fish (large haddock fillet) with fries or onion rings, flaky cod fried to perfection and inside the tartar sauce is just as perfect, Buffalo Mac, Asian noodle salad. 

Stop by the bar for drinks such as Raspberry Mule, Moscow Mule and some beers. They also offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. All the staff is friendly and helpful.

Is it worth going to the Top of the Falls restaurant? 

This is a good place for lunch, especially since there are not many restaurants in the area that serve this type of healthy food made with local products. The food and service are not top notch, but the view makes up for the shortcomings.

Duration: You need to dedicate at least one hour.

Cost: $16 for a hamburger (I recommend the “three sisters”!), $17 for a plate, $3.25 for a tea.

When is the best time to go? Lunchtime is when we have the best views – what a great time! When you visit Goat Island, you need to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant, don’t miss it!

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