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Visit this viewpoint in New York City

Nueva York - Rockefeller Center
Nueva York – Rockefeller Center

To visit the TOP OF THE ROCK at Rockefeller Center we have to know that it is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York City Entrance on 50th Street which is between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The schedule is daily from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm and we have to keep in mind that the last elevator leaves at 8:10 pm.

In the previous article that we talked about what to visit in 5 days in New York and that you can find in the following link we included the visit to the Top of the Rock, today we are going to write exclusively about visiting the Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Center and describe this magnificent visit and what we can do.

The prices we found are for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years is $ 34, the adult price is $ 40 and for seniors is $ 38. I leave you a link so you can access the prices of Rockefeller Center.

Entradas Rockefeller Center:

Top of The Rock - Nueva York - Rockefeller Center
Top of The Rock – Nueva York – Rockefeller Center

The Top of The Rock – Rockefeller Center has a breathtaking view, it is true that the wide variety of skyscrapers in New York makes us enjoy wonderful views of New York, but doing it in one of the best observatories in New York will leave us speechless and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Top of The Rock is one of the giant skyscrapers that make up the great Rockefeller Center complex. Rockefeller Center was built by the tycoon Rockefeller, hence its name. All the buildings in the complex have an Art Deco style, which is very characteristic of that era.

Rockefeller Center has 14 buildings, construction lasted 9 years and began in 1930.

Top of the Rock

The building is 70 stories high, with its great elevator you will be up in a few seconds. If you are a fan of New York you can not miss a visit to the Top of The Rock where you can see Manhattan from a very reserved and privileged place where time seems to stand still. The views are breathtaking.

Top of The Rock - Nueva York
Top of The Rock – Nueva York

At the top of the Top of The Rock you will be able to see Central Park and the wonderful Hudson River. Central Park is becoming less and less visible, since the new skyscraper constructions in New York City are covering part of what we could see before without any problems.

We will also have the Empire State Building visible from the front view, a great marvel and a building that we can also observe, even from a glimpse, the Chrysler Building.

Top of the Rock on the top floor has two levels, one open air and the other is protected by crystals, these crystals are the famous Swarovski crystals. This floor is quite large.

On the top floor the highest level a little narrower and smaller but you no longer have the crystals if you want to take a picture and freeze this precious moment. As a tip I am going to propose you to go up and take advantage of the sunset, as the contrast of the sunset and the lights of the city are impressive.

The floors of the Top of The Rock building you need to keep in mind are:

  • The 67th floor where you will find the gift store. Through the windows of this floor you will start to have stunning views. The plant is almost entirely closed, only has available a small outdoor terraces.
  • The 69th floor is an open-air floor, the floor we mentioned earlier with the Swarovski crystals, which, although it is glazed, has a 360º route.
  • The 70th floor is the rooftop terrace which is unimpeded in the open air. Here the views seem like you are in a whole new dimension – wow, impressive!

Hopefully, if you go to New York, you will shine on the skyscraper and enjoy the great skyscraper on your visit to the Top of The Rock.

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