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Planning a group trip to New York can be crazy when it comes to getting all the friends in the group to agree. In this article we will make it easy and successful.

Planning a group trip to New York

There are many things that we have to keep in mind when planning our trip to New York in a group, so we have to have everything well secured, know what we want to do, what sites to visit and the most difficult of all to agree among all members of the group.

We want it to be an unforgettable trip, to have a good time and above all to make the most of our visit to New York.

Planning your trip to New York

Traveling in a group is not easy, but with good planning it can be very easy to have a good time and above all, that we all agree. That is why it is important to take into account several things:

Travel days in New York

To begin with, how to plan a trip to New York in group, as we have mentioned before, is not easy and the first thing we have to take into account is the availability of days we have to make this trip and that all the members of the group are available for the dates, we should always take into account two days before and two days after for the preparation of the trip and for any mishap.

In this case, the members of the group have chosen New York as a destination. There is a chosen time of one week, Therefore we should know and take advantage of those 7 days as much as possible , knowing that New York to know the big city would not be enough a week , But we can know and do great things in the great city of New York.

Therefore, we are going to make the trip in one week and we will choose the most exclusive places to take a great experience and to have known how to plan a trip to New York in group.

Planning a trip to New York

Find accommodation in New York

The next point to consider when planning a group trip to New York is accommodation.

To find our accommodation in New York we have to have two important keys where we want to stay and the next one is if we want to sleep in a good and quality hotel or just find a room that the only thing we want is to sleep and nothing else.

If we choose the option of simply looking for a room for the night and spend the whole day walking around New York City, the World Hotel in ChinaTown, for example, will suffice. That for an economical price it will be enough to spend a week in New York.
In the following link you can find more information. World Hotel

Another much better option, but it can be complicated, is this other hotel near Central Park. The complication may be the price, but if we are in the process of planning a group trip to New York well in advance, we can be aware of the offers that are usually bargains.

The last option is Arbnb, yes, believe it or not, you can find everything and anywhere you want at super exquisite prices.

In short, it’s all about knowing the dates and choosing the best option that best suits us to take advantage of the accommodation and save a lot of money and invest it in visiting New York.

What to visit in New York

Knowing that we are going for a week, now we have to be clear about what places to visit and in this article we are going to give you the keys of places to have a great success and plan a trip to New York in group of the most impressive.

In previous articles we have sites that we should visit on our trip to New York, both can be done as a couple, family or group. But to give more success and plan a trip to New York in group and make the most of it we leave you the most impressive sites in New York.

New York as a group

Central Park

Central Park is the most visited park in the United States. As you may know, Central Park appears in many movies and TV shows, which is why it is so famous and most visited in New York… (continue reading).

TOP OF THE ROCK – Rockefeller Center.

The breathtaking views, not that it is the only building in New York that will leave you speechless, because you can also visit the Empire State Building, the Edge and the One WorldF THE ROCK – Rockefeller Center… (continue reading).

Excursión a las Cataratas del Niágara

There are scheduled tours from New York to Niagara Falls and as we say, a must see and of course plan a trip to New York in group if no problem, since the connections from New York to Niagara Falls are not an inconvenience. Here we leave the information of excursions to Niagara Falls from New York Book Now.

trip to New York

Times Square

Giant screens on the facades of the buildings showing colorful advertisements, crowds of people, tourists strolling through every millimeter of the streets and of course the street artists, here in this area no one rests, so you can visit it during the day and at night… (continue reading).

Estatua de la Libertad

The first time you travel to New York it is very unusual not to visit the Statue of Liberty… (continue reading).

Statue of Liberty

With these sites chosen, we will have more than enough, and is that planning a trip to New York in group choosing these places quite important, we will want to return because it will be a great experience for the whole group.

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