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Visitar Clifton Hill en las Cataratas del Niágara

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Visiting Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls is the main street for sightseeing. On this street you can find the most entertainment you can imagine.



Clifton Hill is located at 4960, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3N4, Canada.🅿️


The attractions in Niagara Falls are many and varied, whether the visit was to see one of the wonders of the natural world and its parks or to enjoy some leisurely recreation at Clifton Hill.


Need a little adrenaline and enjoy the views you have the largest observation wheel in Canada Niagara Skywheel. At more than 50 meters of ascent you will observe the breathtaking views of this spectacular wonder. You will have the opportunity to see the American and Horseshore Falls, the Niagara River and many places of interest.

The Ferris wheel can be found in the center of Clifton Hill, in aerial views that last from 7 to 12 minutes and you want a show, the nightly rides will leave an impressive memory.


If you want adventure, be sure to visit Wild West Coaster on your visit to Clifton Hill, an adventure that will take you through time and space and let your imagination run wild. Equipped with modern technology with seats that can perform more than 390 movements per second, including light effects, you have to experience it!


Whether you come as a family, a couple or with friends, the Clifton Hill ride has to be fun and have a great time, and here with 7,000 square meters you’ll get a high-energy workout. You will find 14 bowling lanes and 10 pins, very complete lanes, with billiards and arcade games. It is a perfect plan to have a good time and in good company to freeze this moment.

And if this were not enough, you will not go hungry or thirsty at all, easy and comfortable on the premises, menu, pizza, appetizers, desserts, wines, beers and liquors. It is the perfect place to have a good time during your visit to Clifton Hill.


Weird, funny and mind-blowing stuff is what you will find in this fantastic museum in Clifton Hill. Its founder Robert Ripley an artist and athlete who traveled the world collecting things and writing stories of everything that happened to him, strange and unusual. Dozens of interactive displays will allow you to experience the strangest of the strange, daredevil stories and some family favorites including shrunken heads. A whole museum to experience with family, friends or as a couple.


Clifton Hill as you can see is full of leisure and fun, and if you want more, you can’t miss the Hornblower boat tour to Niagara Falls in Clifton Hill, a succulent way to add excitement to your visit to the Falls side of Canada.

The Hornblower will zoom in on the great flow of water so you can feel the curtain of misty water inside the great Niagara Gorge. Keep your eyes peeled because the thrill is guaranteed.

If you want to visit Niagara Falls on the American side the Maid of the Mist is a good option, and you also want the all-inclusive excursion from New York is also available. Click HERE for more information.


A walk through history and lots of entertainment will make you feel phenomenal at the great Movieland Wax Museum also located in Clifton Hill. Your favorite stars are waiting for you to take a selfie with them, from famous classics like Terminator and Indiana Jones, to current hits like Ironman and Jumanji. What are you waiting for! Don’t leave behind a visit to the great museum.
And if you were not satisfied with your visit to the museum, you can visit the house of horrors, it is optional, but the adrenaline will rise like never before, the most terrifying chambers you have ever experienced. Terrifying surprises!

At the end of your visit to the great museum, you will stop by the great souvenir and gift store to take back with you this great tour of Clifton Hill. Don’t forget to use the colored wax to make a copy of your own hand, impressive!

Hopefully, if you are going to make visiting Clifton Hill one of the greatest memories of your life and you have already visited it, let us know what a great experience you had.

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